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Pre-Sale: 3 Steps to Power, Passion and Confidence is the new book written by vocal master  Mark Bosnian Sing Free Now! 3 Steps to Power, Passion and Confidence is the new book written by vocal master Mark Bosnian.

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Sing Free Now! 8-Week Class Announcement

Do you want to have the singing voice you've always wished for? Want to sing with, power, passion and confidence? Well, now is your chance to take action and make it happen! Bosnian Vocal Studios presents an 8-week class on Wednesday evenings that will give you the tools and techniques you need to sing the way you want to.
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10 Tips for Better Karaoke Singing by Mark Bosnian

10 Tips for Better Karaoke Singing by Mark Bosnian

1Choose a song you have an emotional connection to, not necessarily one you think you ought to sing. If you like the song and it has meaning for you, this will come across and you will make a better connection with your audience.

2If possible, practice the song ahead of time to get an idea of whether the key of the original recording works for you. If not, many karaoke situations have machines that can raise or lower the key of your song.

3Your main focus in singing is telling a story. Spend some time with the lyrics and get an idea of what the song is about. You will make a better connection with the audience if you know what emotions you want to portray in your performance.

4Focus the energy on the audience. If you need to look at the monitor for lyrics, don't keep your attention there the entire time--look up and at the audience as often as you comfortably can.

5If your anxiety level is high, consider singing with at least one other person. There is safety in numbers and this can be an interim step to singing solo.

6If you go to a karaoke bar it may be tempting to drink alcohol to bolster your courage. Resist the temptation--alcohol has a drying effect on the vocal mechanism and impairs your ability to tell the story of the song.

7Don't obsess on the mechanics of singing. The audience would much rather hear a good story teller with a less than perfect delivery than a really good voice with no connection to the song or audience.

8Let your body reflect what you are singing about. Movement helps to free the voice and make a better connection with the audience.

9Eye contact is important. If it's uncomfortable to make contact for very long, scan the audience. Looking at different parts of the room every few seconds will make everyone feel included in your performance.

10Last but not least, have fun. The more comfortable you look (even if you don't feel comfortable on the inside), the more the audience will root for you and the less likely they are to notice any less than perfect moments.

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The Sing Free Now! Book

Sing Free Now! Book 3 Steps to Power, Passion, and Confidence by Mark Bosnian"Sing Free Now!” is your step-by-step guide to confidently singing the songs you have always dreamed of performing. 

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About Mark Bosnian

Mark Bosnian - Sing Free Now! Method

Mark Bosnian is an award-winning singer-songwriter and vocal master who has performed and taught the Sing Free Now! Method all over the world.

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Five Tips for Better Singing

Vocal Registration is like an Automatic or Manual Transmission in a Car

The heavy and light registers of every voice (sometimes called “chest” voice and “head” voice or falsetto) can operate automatically as you sing higher or lower pitches and you can learn to manually shift registers to get different sounds. This gives you the option of sounding the way you want to on any given word or line in a song. The Sing Free Now! Method helps you create many choices—not just one sound when you sing.

Singing in pure heavy register with dark vowel color to establish the strength of the voice. I teach you how to make a tone called “dark vowel color” that will allow you to sing higher notes with more ease and control that you ever thought possible. This teaches the body how to set up for high notes and will allow you to then sing them with whatever tone you want (yes, you can intentionally change the tone of your voice.)

Modifying vowels to “oo” as pitches get higher. This technique will help you to sing high notes easier by slightly changing the pronunciation of vowels. The effects of this are dramatic.

Modifying vowels to “ah” as pitches get lower. This technique will give you stronger and more present low notes.

Singing different ratios of balanced registration. You will be able to blend heavy and light register in whatever ratios you want to create more colors on your palette to paint with. Another way to have many options with which to sing—not just one “right” sound that most voice teachers demand you use.

Using Scales of 1-to-10 for the Bridge to Communicate to the Engine Room

If you think of your body as if it were the crew in the engine room of a ship and your mind as if it were the captain of the ship, you can learn to send commands to your body and get the vocal results you desire. I teach you how to assign a number on a scale of 1-to-10 to any vocal element so that the crew in the engine room knows exactly what your intention is. With the Sing Free Now! Method you’ll just have to picture the sound you want and your body will make that sound.

Tell the Story of the Song and Get Your Audience Rooting for You

Through song analysis and dynamics exercises I will show you how to introduce emotion and style to your singing. This allows you to connect the story of the song to your audience--your main job as a singer. If the audience is captivated by your story-telling, perfect delivery becomes less critical and you leave the audience wanting more.

Learning about The Vocal Defense Mechanism and How to Override it

We all have a Vocal Defense Mechanism (VDM) that is a subconscious system working to protect you from harming your voice, from embarrassing yourself, and from working too hard during singing. Singing a loud note, singing a high note, or singing anything that seems in the least bit threatening can trigger this mechanism. It often sabotages your singing, making it harder for you to do what you want with your voice. The Sing Free Now! Method shows you how to override the VDM so that you can sing what you want to sing the way you want to sing it.

Using Interim Sounds vs. Always Going for Performance Sounds

It is often easier and faster for you to develop a performance sound by practicing a sound you would not perform with. This sound may seem unmusical to you at first but it will develop the strength, coordination, and control you need to make the performance sound you want. It will get you to that point more quickly than banging your head against a performance sound that you cannot make at first.